Stable isotopes data from top 52 m from Altai core N2 (4100 m a.s.l.)


Pamir Fedchenko glacier firn core

Pamir 2016 ice cores, 39.39 N, 72.63E, 5478m a.s.l.


Aizen, V. B., Mayewski, P.A., Aizen, E., Joswiak, D., Kaspari, S., Surazakov, A., Grigholm, B., and Finaev, A., 2009, Stable isotope and chemical time series from Fedchenko Glacier firn core, Pamir, J. Glaciol. 55, 190, 275-291.

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Rongbuk, EVEREST

NOAA repository:

East Rongbuk Glacier - 1,000 Year Geochemical Data


IC data from top 70 m, core was collected in 2005.


Grigholm, B., Mayewski, P.A., Kang, S., Zhang, Y., Kaspari, S., Sneed, S. Zhang, Q., and Cong, Z., 2009, Atmospheric soluble dust records from a Tibetan ice core: Possible climate proxies and teleconnection with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. Journal of Geophysical Research, 114(D20), D20118. Doi: 10.1029/2008JD011242.

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Inilchek, Kyrgyzstan


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Sentik Glacier, Ladakh, Himalayas

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Goss, E., Mayewski, P.A. and Lyons, W.B., 1985, Examination of selected microparticles from the Sentik Glacier core, Ladakh, Himalayas, Journal of Glaciology 31(108): 196-197.

Mount Logan


Mount Hunter

Mt. Hunter plateau (62 ° 56' 21.73"N, 151° 5' 10.49"W, 3900 m a.s.l.) Raw stable isotope (del18O) data from Mt. Hunter DIC-2 ice core.


Devon Ice cap, Canada


Penny Ice Cap





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Colle Gnifetti ice core (45.93° N, 7.88° E) datasets

CFA data




Sneed, Sharon B., Paul A. Mayewski, W.G. SAYRE, Michael J. Handley, Andrei V. Kurbatov, Kendrick C. Taylor, Pascal Bohleber, Dietmar Wagenbach, Tobias Erhardt, and Nicole E. Spaulding. 2015. “New LA-ICP-MS Cryocell and Calibration Technique for Sub-Millimeter Analysis of Ice Cores.” Journal of Glaciology 61 (226): 233–42."doi:10.3189/2015JoG14J139.

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